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Welcome to the JFORCES LLC website. Our mission is to provide superior software and analytic support to evaluate the complete lifecycle of Command, Control, Communications, and Computation (C4) systems employing evolving ISR and warfighting technologies. To faithfully evaluate the performance of current and envisioned C4ISR system performance JFORCES LLC provides a simulation environment that enables combining selected simulations with both projected component models and the subsequent incorporation of live systems in a comprehensive synthetic environment that can fully test system performance in operationally realistic situations. Our products explicitly model all information transfer and fusion in both realtime sensor-to-shooter targeting information and maintaining strategic situational awareness to support policy makers. This includes modeling the complete Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (TCPED) process as well as information fusion associated with subsequent engagment decisions. Our systems model explicitly model the processes and decisions made by humans throughout this process and provide GUI tools to enable exploration of alternate operational concepts reflecting the emergence of new warfighting or information gathering systems. Alternately, any of the modeled human center models can be extracted and replaced with teams of live operators to to support projects ranging from concept validation through human factors evaluation and to providing a training system for fielded systems.

We offer a comprehensive support to suppliment our software. In addition to providing a robust suite of tools for evaluation and testing new systems, JFORCES LLC provides:

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